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Check up our domain first . our site running 4 years more .The longer the more secure.

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Dear Friends and Loyal Customers,

Thank you for your support throughout the past four years. You can still order products directly from Nike86new.

We have been losing sleep these past few days as we can no longer accept PayPal as payment method. We are deeply sorry and regret this inconvenience it is beyond our control.

PayPal no longer accepts payments to China based suppliers notably Alibaba, Dhgate, Betal, Tradetang etc. All the major sites can no longer accept PayPal.

It is our strong belief PayPal wants exclusivity and for all customers to shop on their parent website eBay.

We currently can't offer the most efficient way to solve this payment problem, at the moment. Our business has gone from the age of technology to the stone age in one day!

If you recall we once advertised "We Only Accept PayPal Payment!" Unfortunately, now we can only accept Western Union. In all honesty we deeply regret saying, it's our only option.

Loyal Friends,

We ask for your help in these difficult times. Could our valued customers please help spread the good word about our business, website, helpful staff, and excellent quality products we offer on Nike86new. Please let people know you have done business with us before and it's safe, we are reliable, and we are good honest people.

We depend on you, our valued customers for your feedback and would greatly appreciate your support in helping us maintain our good standing.

Lastly, we sincerely cherish all of the friends who have given us support over the years and we value you too.

Best wishes!

The Staff at Nike86new

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